23rd to 25th of September 2016, Wiesbaden: FilmBühne Caligari and Heimathafen

It was the fifth time that Reflecta film festival inspired its audience in Germany to rethink their world.

According to the motto “How do we want to live?” the Reflecta film festival took place the 5th time at Caligari FilmBühne and Heimathafen Wiesbaden from the 23rd to the 26th of September. Much more than 2000 people from all over the Rhine-Main area attended. With films, workshops, discussions and personal exchanges of all participants, people got inspired. Projects were presented, different perspectives were shown, encouraging critical thinking. Geographical, social, economical and psychological aspects were connected, serving one purpose: Raising curiosity for the world in its whole complexity.

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Artivist Award 2016

The winner of the Artivist Award endowed with 500 Euro (donated by Die Umwelt Druckerei) was “Samira” von Charlotte A. Rolfes. The audience award was given to Sebastian Binder and Sebastian Schirmer for their movie “Über Druck”.

All finalists can be seen here: Finalisten Artivist Award Wiesbaden 2016

The french documentary „Tomorrow – Die Welt ist voller Lösungen“ von Cyril Dion und Mélanie Laurent (Originaltitel: „Demain“) was the opening. It introduced the topic of the festival weekend to the sold out cinema (430 seats). The movie describes the project of the directors to find a formular against the breakdown of society to save the world. Resulting in an optimistic movie, reflecting the power of community.

Participants were offered again a diverse program, which allowed intensive engagement with sustainable topics. Impulse pitches (Viva con Aqua, Future Flux, Hans Reitz, Oliver Wronka, Nele Prinz, Dirk Vielmeyer und Tobi Rosswog), workshops (Yoga with Sonja Thomas and screen print mit Kitnoir) and panel discussions (Oliver Nachtwey und Sascha Eschmann) opened up room for active and interactive exchange.

A highlight of the festival was the Reflecta Artivist Awards ceremony, this year sponsored the first time ever, by DieUmweltDruckerei. The prize honours movies, that combine art and activism to motivate the audience to conscious actions. The final ten were presented to the jury consisting of Arash T. Riahi (director, producer), Tidi von Tidemann (director, member of the jury of hessische Filmförderung), Lou Huber-Eustachi (moviemaker) and the audience in festive atmosphere.

Charlotte A. Rolfes was awarded the first prize for „Samira”. Sebastian Binder and Sebastian Schirmer were happy for receiving the audience prize for their movie „Über Druck“. The festival participants also had the opportunity to learn about the „Green City Guide – Wiesbaden“, published by Reflecta e.V. It was presented again this year as a source of sustainable development in the city of Wiesbaden. Delightfully the festival attracted again audience of different ages, ranging from 21 to 65 years. Obviously a sign that the topic of the festival is of interest for the world as a whole and its population.

Eventually it is to be said, that the popularity of Reflecta e.V. rises continuously. And again the goal of motivating people to participate actively in a three day long reflection about the world in which we live, was reached. But most importantly: New ideas were taken back into everyday life to finally implement them.

An dieser Stelle geht ein besonderer Dank an unsere Partner, ohne die das Festival nicht möglich wäre.



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