23 – 25 September 2016 Wiesbaden

Reflecta: The name speaks for itself. Reflecta is a nonprofit association that organizes festivals and events with the intention to encourage critical thinking, to support questioning and to pique curiosity about the world in its diversity and complexity. An environment-friendly and social cooperation, as well as cultural diversity, is essential to us. Furthermore, Reflecta is publisher of the sustainable Green City Guide.

The project encourages the reproductive transnational and interdisciplinary dialogue between film creatives, interlectuals, aritsts, people that activley discuss this theamatic and are able to deliver proposals for action, scientists and last but not least responsible players from politics and economy – a dialogue profitable for an audience of any age.

What differentiates Reflecta from other festivals is the step we take from theory into practice. Sharing information and offering entertainment is not enough, we also want to provide a platform that enables protagonists to exchange views and to connect. Therefore, aside from movie screenings and concerts, also panel discussions and workshops await our visitors.

We warmly welcome interested people of all ages. In order to allow as many people as possible to partake, we have tiered the admission fees.

Festival Agenda (Filmbühne Caligari & Heimathafen Wiesbaden)

Friday, 23.09.2016


23.09.2016 18:30

Festival-Opening with short films (Artivist Award winner from the last editions)

TOMORROW - the world is full of solutions

23.09.2016 19:30

Our society as we know it threatens to break down in the next decades. The filmmakers Dion and Laurent do not want to accept that and go on to try and find a formula to save the world. The outcome is an optimistic film about the strength of the community.

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German premiere: POVERTY, INC. - Fighting Poverty is Big Business But Who Profits the Most?

23.09.2016 22:00

The business of humanitarian work is more lucrative than ever before. However, while rich industrial countries win in importance, the results are shown to be catastrophic for developing countries. The film opens a dialogue about the industrial complex of poverty and shows the downside of our supposed, good deeds.

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Saturday, 24.09.2016

Heimathafen: Experience and transpose visions

24.09.2016 11:00

The festival offers a rich program: You can be active, exchange ideas or get to know Wiesbaden from whole new perspective.

Visionaries form around the Rhine-Main-Area present their ideas and projects from 11am to 4pm so you will have the possibility to reinforce your knowledge and at the end you will be able to be busy networking. Share your ideas, be inspired, and get in touch with important sponsors, donators, and supporters. In addition we will tempt you with yoga, screen printing, many delicacies, and music. You can pay as much as you would like to or as much as the workshop leaders suggest you to. heimathafen-wiesbaden.de

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Traumkino Caligari Filmbühne

24.09.2016 15:00


Since eight-year-old Kuttappayi has lost his parents, his grandfather lovingly takes care of him. Life seems easy and sheltered. However, when the old man falls ill, the little boy’s dreams are threatened by the hard reality which is marked by poverty and his future is uncertain.

DIE FALLE plays in cooperation with LUCAS – International Filmfestival for young film fans

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24.09.2016 17:00

Worldwide, people bring their bodies, their souls and their hearts to the streets to fight for freedom and democracy in spite of threatening prosecution and torture. As a cross-media project, the documentary celebrates these endless amounts of creative forms of nonviolent protests.

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24.09.2016 20:00

Presentation of the judges and the finalists of Activist Award (ca. 100min)
Jury: Arash T. Riahi, Tidi von Tidemann, Lou Huber-Eustachi

We will present the 10 finalists of whom the judges will choose the winners. Furthermore there will be an award selected by the audience. The judges’ presentation of awards will be after that.

9.30pm – the vote of the audience

(during the vote there will be shown the public’s darling of the last year)

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get-together, late dinner, and celebration at the Heimathafen

24.09.2016 22:00

At the cafe: Sinu – Singer-songwriter


Sunday, 25.09.2016

Visionary City Tour - guided by Dirk Vielmeyer

25.09.2016 13:00

Meetingpoint Caligari

On Sunday at 1pm your going to get to know Wiesbaden form a whole different perspective by a visionary city tour. We will be ready on time for the film show of Caligari. The participation will be for a voluntary donation.

In cooperation with YY Street


Traumkino Caligari Filmbühne

25.09.2016 15:00



In search of his father a small boy leaves his village and discovers a fantastic world which is animated by animal machines and other strange creatures. A dreamy journey which illustrates in excellent manner the problems of our modern world through the eyes of a child.

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sortfilms theme: future of work/Generation Y

25.09.2016 17:00

Mit Pferden kann man nicht ins Kino Gehen

Wie tickt die Generation Y

FROHES SCHAFFEN - Ein Film zur Senkung der Arbeitsmoral

25.09.2016 17:30

Most people in our society define themselves over their work. It gives security, self-confidence and status. However, what will become of us, if we have to define ourselves anew in times of economic crisis and job losses? A humorous approach to convert people to idleness.

19:30 bis 20:15 Uhr Film talk

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German premiere: HUMANO - una cámera, 200 preguntas, un viaje

25.09.2016 20:30

Alan Stivelman betakes himself on a spiritual journey through the Andes to find the origin of humanity. The deeper he crosses into the mysterious nature, the more he comes to realise that in order to find an explanation for human existence, he only has to answer one question: Who am I?

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