Artivist Award Application

Reflecta will now for the sixth time award the Reflecta Artivist Award for short films. The award honors art which moves us and triggers change, and aims to promote the commitment of artists for a more environmentally friendly and caring world. It includes prize money of 500 €. The 10 finalists will be screened on the 12.08.2017 at the Planke Nord Mainz during the Reflecta Filmfestival.

Terms & Conditions

Download Form_Reflecta_Artivist_Award_2017

  1. The Reflecta Film Competition is an international competition in which individuals and groups can apply.
  2. It can be (including movie data) submitted films with a length > to 10 minutes, which is not older than 2 years (January 2015) are. The Reflecta Film Festival, it is reserved, even to show movies that exceed the length a little.
  3. The deadline is June 15, 2017. Submitted materials that are uploaded by the deadline, will not be considered. Films with dialogues that are not in German or English must be subtitled in one of these languages.
  4. The number of submitted short films from a competitor is not limited.
  5. Enrolment takes place exclusively via WeTransfer or vimeo privat. Video material and the submission form will be sent to the following address:
    Download submission form here Form_Reflecta_Artivist_Award_2017
  6. An internal jury will make an initial selection of 10 short films from all submitted films. These will be presented during the festival the audience and a jury composed of members of the film industry and science, the art world, and important participants in the sustainability discourse to the vote. The winner of the short film competition will be determined by the vote of the jury and the audience. The jury vote is determined from all voting members of the jury. The audience vote results from all voting, which was determined in the form of ballots. The winner will receive the Reflecta “Artivist Award” for Best Short Film and the prize money over 500 €.
  7. The winning film will be presented during the Reflecta Rethink Your World Film Event at the Reflecta Filmfestival from 11. until 13. of August at the Planke Nord Mainz. In the case of a presentation during the festival Reflecta will contact those responsible for the films and pray to the original data of the short films. Furthermore, the participants will be informed about the date, time and place of the demonstration.
  8. It is a traveling festival, whose main objective is to show the selected short films in other cities or countries and to exchange them with other comparable film festivals. Participants can remark on submission, if the submitted short film should not be shown in other cities where the Reflecta Rethink Your World Film Festival will take place.
  9. Costs and risks of sending the screening copies to the festival bears the submitter. This is true even if the copies are sent from other festivals. The submitter has to coordinate the sending of copies.
  10. The possible resolution is Full HD (min. 1080p).
    Materials and pictures: The submission at Short Film Depot 3 film stills (JPEG or TIFF, min 300dpi.), 1 photo and 1 short biography (max.150 characters) of / the director / director attach.
  11. All submissions from non-EU countries must be clearly marked with the customs declaration “for cultural purposes only, No commercial value will be provided. Costs arising from incorrect declarations will be charged account of the sender.
    Participants guarantee that all submitted documents and materials are original works.
  12. Submission is confirmed that the film can be shown at the festival. By sending the submission form, the film can not be withdrawn. Submitter confirm with the filing also for third parties who were involved in the production, verifying that they are in agreement with a participation in the festival.
  13. The screening copy must arrive no later than July 31, 2017th
  14. Alerts for participation of the films submitted done until middle of July 2017 via email. Email addresses please indicate the correct and legible.
  15. Video Files and screener DVDs remain in the Reflecta archive. They can be seen during the festival at the film market for Accredited.
  16. In consultation with the right holder Reflecta shows selected festival films in the context of non-commercial selection screenings after the festival.
  17. The personal data of the participants are required to participate in the competition and treated according to the German Data Protection Act. By entering the competition you submit Reflecta as a data administrator for permission to collect the personal data that are relevant to the competitive process that are needed, and use. Moreover, you confirm that you have the conditions of participation, possible amendments, objections and deletions, which will be announced via a newsletter read.
  18. Submitting a film to the specified deadline involves the agreement of the terms and conditions set out in the competition.
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