Data Privacy

Personal data

Personal data are data if they can be brought in connection with your person and provide information on your behavior or characteristics . This of course includes your name, address, postal address and telephone number , as well as information about your possible interests or your donation behavior and your surfing habits , provided that such information can be uniquely identified personally , directly or indirectly .

Data security and data management

REFLECTA rises from donors, sponsors and supporters such personal data that are necessary for the purposes of obtaining donations, donations management and how to contact the participant. Addresses are used only for contact and not shared with third parties.

Your address data, and with your permission we use also your phone number and e-mail address , to inform you about current projects and developments or planned activities of REFLECTA. As far as can be seen in the context of a data collection that data is not absolutely required, such information is voluntary, and therefore in the forms not marked as mandatory data.

We assure you that we do not share your data, sell to generally address trade or other companies nor to other organizations or rent and not for free or in exchange. Of course, you have the right to stop the access of information at any time and to oppose the use of your data communications. Inform us in writing on

Online services

If you register for one of our personalized online services, subscribe to for example an online newsletter , or to donate online, we will ask for your name and other personal information that we need for this. Under no circumstances we will use your e- mail address without your consent for any other purpose . The software we use encrypts transmitted data in principle to exclude access by unauthorized third parties to us. We store your data on specially protected servers. The access is only a few authorized persons , all of whom are familiar with the applicable data protection regulations.

Ip address

To retrieve Web pages from REFLECTA temporary registration of the IP number is indispensable . The IP address is the worldwide valid , unique identification of a computer and consists of four numbers separated by dots digit blocks. In most cases you will use as a private user no consistent IP address because you will be assigned by your ISP only temporarily for a session this. Nevertheless, static IP addresses an unambiguous assignment of user data via this feature is possible in principle.

Our web servers store IP addresses for security reasons for a certain period. The access data will be made anonymous. Our statistical software also logs IP addresses for a longer period. We use this information in principle not personal , but evaluates on an anonymous basis only , which of our web sites are favored , how many accesses daily, and the like.

Use of Cookies

We use cookies (small text files with visitor information that is temporarily stored on your hard drive). This will help you determine the frequency of use and the number of users of our website. The cookies used are only used for these purposes and anonymously. They are by no means used to spy on your personal usage or for your selection to influence the content we offer.

A use of our offers is also possible without cookies. Most browsers are set so that they automatically accept cookies. However, you can deactivate the storing of cookies or adjust your browser so that it notifies you when cookies are sent and you can refuse insertion of cookies.

Questions and comments

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