Radical right-wing violence costs an Iranian family its father. Instead of being there for his family the son escapes into phantasies of hate and revenge. But the connection to his father is strong enough even beyond his death to save the son in a crucial moment.
Charlotte A. Rolfes
Charlotte A. Rolfes
Charlotte A. Rolfes | born in 1987 in Herdecke | higher education entrance qualification in 2006 | numerous jobs at the art department for cinema, television and advertising films | two semesters of film studies in Cologne | 2009 to 2013 several jobs as standby props manager in international and national film productions | 2008 to 2012 finished degree in directing at „ifs international filmschool“ in Cologne, graduation film ’Guck woanders hin’ | followed by writing and developing different stories and ideas | since 2013 working as acting coach | since October 2014 master class directing at Hamburg Media School
2015 Chay [short film at HMS / 05 min ] Script: Roman Toulany, Producer: Ann-Kristin Citzler, DOP: Johannes Kaczmarczyk
2014 Beeke [graduation film at HMS / 21 min ] Script: Maike Rasch, Producer: Nadine Lewerenz, Julia Ritschel, DOP: Hannes Treß
2012 Guck Woanders Hin [graduation film at IFS / 23 Min ] Script: Monika Fäßler, Producer: Anna Knolle, DOP: Moritz Anton
2010 Aufstrich [short film / 14 Min ] , Script: Monika Fäßler, Producer: Eva Blondiau || Nicks Plan [short film / 9 Min ] Script: Monika Fäßler, Producer: Tina von Traben

  • Artivist Award 2015
  • Language: German with English subtitles
  • Country: Germany
  • Year: 2015
  • Director: Charlotte A. Rolfes
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