Worldwide, people bring their bodies, their souls and their hearts to the streets to fight for freedom and democracy in spite of threatening prosecution and torture. As a cross-media project, the documentary celebrates these endless amounts of creative forms of nonviolent protests.




  • 5 Seen Filmfestival 2014 – Horizonte Award
  • Biografilmfestival 2014, Bologna – Audience Award
  • CIVIS 2014 – Prizewinner CIVIS Online Media Prize
  • Cinema for Peace 2014 – Most Valuable Documentary of the Year Winner
  • SXSW 2014 – Interactive Awards Finalist
  • CPH:DOX 2013 – Politiken Publikumspreis (höchste Bewertung der Festivalgeschichte)
  • B3 Biennale Frankfurt 2013 – Ben Award für Bestes Transmedia-Projekt
  • Arte Pixel Pitch Award London 2012 – Bestes Crossmedia-Projekt

Play at the Reflecta Filmfestival 2016 in Wiesbaden.

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