I am a shepard – Borja Zausen

Miguel is 11 years old and lives in Ses Olleries, just outside the little village of Santa Eugenia, in the middle of the mediterranean island of Mallorca. “In a city, not even crazy”, he says.

One day, when he was just four, Miguel asked his parents if they let him have a hen. And they did. Then came rabbits, parakeets, sheeps…

Now, he gets up every morning and before going to school, takes care of them all. That’s the worst thing they have, he says, „you have to feed them every day, every day”

But he’s happy doing what he likes, because in his mind everything is clear. As he says, “the secret is that it has no secret”  He knows that to fulfill his dream to be a shepherd in this crazy world, he just have to “think and do the things right.”

He loves each one of his animals. He feeds them and gives them death to sustain his family, showing a clear and conscious awareness of death, talking about the importance of knowing what we eat and how it gets to our kitchen.

He is the President of the Association of Peasant Children “… with my friends, we work the land a little. The objective is to hang out. We are children.“

And that’s what he does. Consciously enjoying his childhood, knowing it is a very important step to become the committed adult he dreams to be.

A contemporary winner. A local, simple hero.

This is the story of a boy who thinks like a wise and experienced man.


About Borja Zausen

Be Zero my friend.

This digital, ecological, social and economic new paradigm we are living invites me to reinterpret the way I work. I try to boost small productions cause they will become gigantic. I make the big ones sustainable. I feel responsible for my impact, offsetting my emissions through studies and detailed calculations of my activity. Although I avoid most of the CO2 in my projects, I offset unavoidable emissions through collaboration with environmental companies that certify the entire process. I love to share knowledge and experience acquired so it can be studied and developed in similar productions.
I wish to leave a print in my work, but only emotional.

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