Poverty inc

The business of humanitarian work is more lucrative than ever before. However, while rich industrial countries win in importance, the results are shown to be catastrophic for developing countries. The film opens a dialogue about the industrial complex of poverty and shows the downside of our supposed, good deeds.

POVERTY, INC. – Fighting Poverty is Big Business But Who Profits the Most?


  • more than 50 international Filmfestival-prizes
  • $100,000 Templeton Freedom Award
  • €5,000 Best Documentary Award of the FIFE Environmental Film Festival in Paris

You’ll never look at poverty and the Third World the same again.
— Michael Moore


Compulsory viewing for anyone interested in social issues.
— Rathna Ramamurthi, India | Harvard Law School


You made me so proud to be an African woman. ?Thank you for the brutal but necessary and empowering truth.
— Dany Masado, Health Professional | Cameroon


Plays at the Reflecta Filmfestival 2016 in Wiesbaden.

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