When Elif’s husband, Ozan, finds a wet burkini on the balcony he gets suspicious. His wife is secretly taking swimming lessons! Ozan decides to take action and awaits Elif the next evening determined to put an end to the secrecy.
Katja Benrath
Influenced by theater throughout her youth, Katja Benrath pursued that career in her early professional life. She trained as a dressmaker at „Wuppertaler Bühnen“ (Pina Bausch) before moving on to study singing and drama at Vienna Conservatory, Vienna, Austria. At the same time she discovered her passion for acting in films as well as for making films. Her first short films („Puppenspiel“ – Baby Doll, „Im Himmel kotzt man nicht“ – No One pukes in Heaven, Tilda) have been successful and won prizes at festivals all over the world. „Schwimmstunde” is her first film while studying at Hamburg Media School.
2014/15 Tilda (short film 11’ – Director, Producer, Script) being finalized
2013 Im Himmel kotzt man nicht (short film 14’ – Director, Producer, Script, Cast)
2012 Docutools (stopmotion short film- Director, Producer, Costumes)
2011 Puppenspiel (short film 11’ – Director, Producer, Script, Cast)
since 2010 various image films (Director, Conception, Design)

  • Artivist Award 2015
  • Language: German with English subtitles
  • Country: Germany
  • Year: 2015
  • Length: 6:17 min
  • Director: Katja Benrath
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