The Trolleybus-Man – Jonas Trukanas

"The  Trolleybus-Man"  is  an  absurd  superhero  comedy  about  the  mechanic turned superhero who is fighting to preserve thing he loves the most - the trolleybuses.

Vilnius Trolleybus Park (no one really knows why the place where  trolleybuses are docked is called „park“) is sold to a young investor, who wants to change trolleybuses to more  convenient  high-tech,  wireless, pilotless vehicles. Needless to say, that this high-tech wonder will require very little maintenance, so the drivers and supporting staff will be fired.

But it is way more than that. Without the old trolleybuses the city is never going to be the same. And in this darkest hour the hero arises. An  ex-mechanic, who  shall  fight  the  technical  revolution  to  save  the  heritage  of trolleybuses.  And although he is not suited to be a superhero he will do his best to drive the capitalist oppressors away.


Jonas Trukanas

31.03.2016   * VILNIUS INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL (VILNIUS IFF) „KINO PAVASARIS“ (Official Selection, Vilnius, Lithunia)
06.-09.2016  * 14th CINEMADAMARE (Official Selection, various locations, Italy)
24.07.2016   * 5th KOLKATA SHORTS INT’L FILM FESTIVAL (Official Selection, India)  *BEST VFX*
01.09.2016   * 1st FARM FILM FESTIVAL (Official Selection, Favara, Italy)    *BEST FILM*
10.09.2016   * METERS INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL (Screening, Bristol Valley Theater in Naples, NY, USA)
01.10.2016   * CINEMANIA INT’L FILM FESTIVAL (Screening, Dodge City Dinner Theater, Kansas, USA)
02.10.2016   * 1st TOTOSHKA INT’L FILM FESTIVAL (TFF) (Official Selection, Minsk, Republic of Belarus)
06.10.2016   * 9th MAIPU CORTOS FESTIVAL DE CINE DE HUMOR (Official Selection, Argentina)
07.10.2016   * 13th SEDICICORTO INT’L FILM FESTIVAL (Official Selection, Forli, Italy)
08.11.2016   * 31st FESTIVAL EUROPÉEN DU FILM COURT DE BREST (European Competition, France)

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