Trade Queen

Day after day Mr. Jonas and Mr. Schmidt make their way from door to door selling pots. After work they each go their own way: Mr. Jonas spends his evenings alone in cheap hotel rooms or going to a bar for a couple of glasses of whiskey. Mr. Schmidt on the other hand transforms himself into a glamorous drag queen before diving into the nightlife. Mr. Jonas has no sympathies for his colleague’s double life but he puts up with it as best he can. One evening, the two of them end up at the only bar of a small town where things start to get a little out of hand.
David Wagner
Born in Vienna in 1982, David Wagner found his way into the film industry in his early 20s via photography and the passionate shooting of short films with his friends. Since 2008 he has worked on various commercials, music videos and short films as director and cinematographer. David also worked as personal assistant of the Academy Award winning Stefan Ruzowitzky, shot several documentaries abroad and finally made his decision to dedicate himself to directing.
2012 MEINE LINKE HAND Fokus Pokus // Director
2013 AFRICA RACE Terra Mater // Co-Director
2015 TRADE QUEEN Hamburg Media School // Director

  • Artivist Award 2015
  • Language: without dialog
  • Country: Germany
  • Year: 2015
  • Length: 07:45 min
  • Director: David Wagner
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