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Friday, 27.11.2015

6:00 pm Entry

start 6:00 pm Music (piano Marc Jolliffe)

Marc JolliffeMarc Jolliffe

Marc studied in Newcastle -upon-Tyne jazz and popular music and played the last eight years in the United Kingdom in various jazz and blues as well as rock and pop ensembles. Already early from childhood on Marc was enthusiastic for film music for example such as John Williams and Harold Faltermeyer and thus we can be sure that we can look forward to some film classics.

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6:30 pm Opening in the hall and short films

7:00 pm Lecture and film Van Bo Le – Mentzel : 3 min

At Van Bo Le – Mentzel ( winner of the Sustainability Award 2014) :

Besides Van Bo Le – Mentzel following co- performers are present: Raphael Fellmer ( food sharing) ,Prof Milad Karimi, Ben Solomon and jilet Ayse.

About the film:

The unsuccessful Ali Habibi wants to organize a concert in Berlin with his band Alias ??Love and make it big as a pop musician. With the band, he hoped to gain the recognition, he gets neither of his religious father Mohammed nor his girlfriend Alicia. To make matters worse Ali is facing a health challenge that nearly cost him his life. Only when Ali is his origin, he finds himself and the long-awaited happiness. A central role in this film plays a three-minute song, called Azan Poem – the ritual call to prayer – five times a day for prayer. The film is an invitation to experience the beauty of the Koran in a cinematic way.

The main role of the Muslim Ali Habibi is represented by the Jew Shai Hoffmann. For Hoffmann, the role is a borderline experience in every respect. The story is borrowed largely from his biography. Hoffmann is made in real life for a non-profit project, among others Hoffmann aims to raise awareness as a patient for organ donation. In the open creative process of the film, a group dynamics has formed, bringing together both Muslims and Jews from different layers in a remarkable way. It interact with both Religious and non-religious people. Another special feature is the genesis of the script. All characters and actions are inspired by the biographies of the performers. Until the rotation was deliberately dispensed with a solid script to make a narrative source the magic of chance and swarm intelligence. This approach, a mixture of improv theater, Mocumentary and crowdsourcing, we call “Crowd Scripting” – stories develop with the crowd.


Presenting: Shai Hoffmann (main actor), Van Bo Le-Mentzel (Initiator), Idil Baydar (Jilet Ayse), Sandy Kudella (Director)

Van Bo Le-Mentzel - InitiatorVan Bo Le-Mentzel – Initiator

Shai Hoffmann - HauptdarstellerShai Hoffmann – Main Actor


9:30 pm Film Sound of Heimat

What to look for for a New Zealand saxophonist with Scottish origin in the eastern province? The answer is quite simple: after musical extravaganza! And for a home. What initially sounds confusing, is by Hayden Chisholm on a musical adventure with iconic. The charismatic musician gives us a new perspective on German songs: tangy, colorful and emotional – full of life and full of music. Looking for the veterans of German folk music Chisholm makes many quirky acquaintances, cheers on the musicians regulars table and tunes in with saxophone and clarinet in some polka. The versatility of the German folk music, which hardly seems to play a role in our everyday lives, disclosed herein unexpected stimuli, whose authentic charm can not escape as surprised observers. He visited an old bandoneon player in the Ore Mountains, join us in a course “yodeling and hiking” in the Allgäu and sings in a pub in Cologne. And in a church in Wittenberg, he strikes the rock musician Bobo, set to music the old folk songs. However, the abuse of many folk songs during the Third Reich still impacts today. And so Chisholm feels at all love of music the ambivalence in our country, when it comes to the topic of folk music.

11:00 pm Concert in the hall: Venstar


Venstar , a young native vegetation. Juliane Schmitt , Constanze Becker and Abdelkader Ouchene come up with a new indie – electronica band . As ” a mixture of dark and romantic and impulsive sounds ” than ” interplay of warm electronic surfaces , attractive voice and crisp drums ” , they describe themselves their pieces . Anyway, we are more than excited .


Saturday, 28.11.2015

2:00 pm City tour

World travel through the living room of our city and its inhabitants whose former home was not in Germany.

A simple idea

People who were not born in Germany open two hours her living room and talk about themselves, their family and their country of origin.

Open living room

The special atmosphere of the “world trip through the living room” is produced in a domestic environment. While the passengers sit in a small circle, photos are shown and stories told. Ttour guides playing traditional music.
Intercultural encounter virtually

In this way, different cultures in the middle of our city come alive. Experiencing people of other nationalities not only from a distance, but listen to them and learn their personal stories. Missing time, the missing “pocket time”, fear of flying, vaccination or civil wars sometimes prevent the “real” travel.
Reversing the roles

Particularly touching moments occur when newcomers who feel otherwise rather than as “the new” in our city, now become hosts. Often people come from countries where hospitality is a great value.

A bite to eat

In many Living Room Travels a traditional snack is prepared to eat – a bite to taste and smell the visited country.
Passport and stamp

All who participate in a living room trip, get a passport and a stamp of the visited country. The stamps are accompanied by the personal signature of the tour guide.
getting there

The path is short. You can reach your destination within a few minutes by car, bus or bicycle or even on foot.

For more information Beautiful views – Forum Frankfurt and

The tour ends at the Mousonturm

3:30 pm Admission

from 4:00 pm Music at the Cafe: Marc Jolliffe on the piano

Marc Jolliffe

from 16:00 ” living room ” (conversation pit of the co-organizer of the previous city tour ) at Mousonturm to deepen and for exchange. 16:00 Workshop at the table : city gardeners

5:00 pm My stuff:

Petri is mid-20s when his girlfriend leaves him. He consoles himself by bringing his credit card to glow. He buys and buys and buys. More Fortunately? No, he does not become. Petri is mired in a real existential crisis when he decides to start a self – experiment : He grabs everything ( really everything ! ) , What he has in a self-storage warehouse and establishes clear rules: 1. The experiment lasts for one year. 2. Every day he must bring back an item from the warehouse. 3. buy new things, he is not allowed at this time. He puts his life back to the beginning. Petris new life begins naked in an empty apartment …


6:30 pm jury introduction

Matthias PeesMatthias Pees

Matthias Pees

Matthias Pees was after his activities as a journalist and theater critic dramaturge at prestigious stages. In the final stages he was chief dramaturge of the Vienna Festival and curator of theater festivals in the Hebbel am Ufer, before he became 2013 artistic director and manager of the Künstlerhaus Mousonturm.

Alicia SullyAlicia Sully

Alicia Sully

Alicia is the leading filmmaker and co-founder of What Took You So Long ?. The organization is known for being a pioneer in Guerrilla Filmmaking and camel milk . She works with small and large organizations in less developed places . Alicia films per year in 20 countries and lived in half of them . She directs and produces films for non-profit organizations and social enterprises to an amazing extent . Since 17 years she films and brings other people at the movies. At the beginning of her career Alica has won many awards and since devoted herself fully to her ability to make films that change the perceptions of the people.

Pedro Julio Ramirez PazPedro Julio Ramirez Paz

Pedro Julio Ramirez Paz

Pedros professional career began as an industrial engineer in his native Guatemala and then Sweden, until he discovered his passion for film and photography. During a long stay in Kenya, where he met his wife and filmmaker colleague Alicia Sully, he decided, she and her team What Took You So Long? attend as photographic director. With the team and later independently, he has worked in more than 30 countries – from Iraq to Colombia. He has countless documentaries and short films for clients such as Oxfam, the ONU, IRC, Human Rights Watch, vice News and Al Jazeera produced, filmed and directed. With his main residence Nairobi, Pedros focus especially on East Africa and the Horn of Africa. He loves coffee. About whattookyousolong “We collaborate with friends, institutions and NGOs to make things happen. We look for the story and find the right way to tell it. We are a filmmaking team of strong and varied talents. Guerrilla Filmmaking is an informal and flexible method that fits the situation, culture, country, and people we are shooting. It’s about building relationships through living with the people you film, traveling by public transport, and working with local partners and volunteers. Guerrilla is a lifestyle as much as a method. We live where we work, and encourage participation in the creative process. Guerrilla is not a closed circle and neither are we. Work From Mauritania to Mongolia, through New Guinea, and with a detour to Central America, we’ve filmed in over 60 countries. What Took You So Long is a team of documentary filmmakers dedicated to filming unsung heroes and untold stories. We like to film what we love, and that has led us to food, farmers, nomads, entrepreneurs, designers, innovators and educators. We’ve worked with the biggest and the smallest, the head honchos and the grass roots. “


Cesy Leonard - Photo by Patry K WittCesy Leonard – Photo by Patry K Witt

Cesy Leonard

Cesy Leonard is a filmmaker, artist and head of the Policy Planning Staff at the Center for Political Beauty where she leads the Film Department among others. Her film guilt – The barbarism of Europe won the 2012 German Webvideopreis. When Styrian Autumn they staged the “Chancellor underground”. Your Scenic short film “Dancing Mondays” was shown this year at the Max Ophüls Festival in Saarbrücken and at the Achtung Berlin Festival. Center for Political Beauty The Centre for Political Beauty (ZPS) is a stormtrooper establishing moral beauty, poetry and political human Liberality – Defense of the Humanity. Basic belief is that the lessons of the Holocaust to be canceled by the repetition of political apathy, cowardice and refugee refusal and that Germany must not only learn from history, but also act. The ZPS operates a parallel (nicer) German foreign policy that focuses on humanity as a weapon. From Bosnia and Herzegovina on Aleppo to the forest mountains before Melilla the actions of the Arts announce the fifth power in the state. The ZPS is one of the most innovative incubators political action art and represents an advanced form of theater: art must hurt, irritate, resist. In a term alliance brought: aggressive humanism. The ZPS operates as a form of social self-assurance theater in the sense of antiquity. Uva productions and works at Gorki Theater, 7th Berlin Biennale, Theatre Dortmund, Steirischer Herbst, NGBK, ZKM Karlsruhe 2010 presented the ZPS on behalf of 6,000 survivors of the Srebrenica genocide a memorial against the United Nations: the pillar of shame. In 2011, the nihilistic beliefs of German bank disclosed. 2012 acquired the secretive arms dealer of the Leopard II tank overnight by 25,000 euro reward involuntarily nationwide notoriety. Often it comes to history that will not keep silent in 2014 introduced the “Kindertransport federal aid” as a turnkey rescue program for Syrian children the refugee defense policy of the Federal Government merely – and arrived as the first action at all within 48 hours the Chancellery. On the 25th anniversary of the Berlin Wall fled a monument from the government quarter at the EU’s external borders. 2015 victims of the military blockade of Europe were honored and were buried in the heart of the continent.

„Das Zentrum für Politische Schönheit ist ein Medium der neuen Art:

Sie schaffen sich die Nachrichten, die sie gern hätten, gleich selbst!“

Spiegel Online


„Die Aktionen des Zentrums fu¨r Politische Schönheit sind drastisch, sie provozieren. Es sind Großproduktionen, die Gesellschaft, Politik und Medien gegeneinander in Stellung bringen. Ohne feste Bu¨hne und ohne festes Ensemble.“

Der Spiegel
“Ihre Mittel sind drastisch!”


8:00 pm Finalists Artivist Award

9:30 pm Audience voting and award ceremony

10:30 pm Gastone – Concert at the Cafe


Expecting to pigeouhole the sound of Gastone is as difficult as to lay dry the bottom of the Mafia in Italy. Whether reggae, rock, pop or Italian folklore – genre boundaries have Gastone never known. They are not only the baddest band in Germany, but also probably the strongest bond, at least according to his own admission he has not defeated in arm wrestling. Once thought a record company manager Giuseppe, he would not be a real artist. And then there also still the belly. When told Giuseppe Porrello by the encounter, he has to laugh. For about ten years of living in Frankfurt Italians along with Diego Iriarte, Stefan Bender and Tomek Witiak stands on a variety of platforms. Three or four gigs a month are not uncommon for Gastone. In the Hessian metropolis and the surrounding area have long been more than just an insider tip. And unlike the signposts on the Frankfurt floor show for Gastone steadily upward. So they played now 5 Germany tours as support of AYO, NNEKA and la vela puerca and Panteón Rococó. Chasing trends is long gone for Gastone. “We are real men and not teenagers anymore,” Giuseppe. On stage or in the studio they do, what they like. And that can be quite a bit. Set Stylistically Gastone did not. In the meantime, they also run in the clubs. With various remixes of “Shake it.” and with the local song “Just for you” they made a breakthrough on Frankfurt’s borders. Having a classical frontman is not the Gastone way which been proven for the band on stage as a trump. “Since each of us has something to say,” says Giuseppe.


Mehr Infos gibt es unter:


Sunday, 29.11.2015

2:00 pm Admission

from 2:30 pm „Salon de Jazz“ in the Cafe

Salon du JazzSalon du Jazz

The instrumental music of ” Salon du Jazz ” from Karlsruhe is diverse and often across borders to other genres. Characteristic are the soulful melodies of Old saxophonist Moritz Koch and the onomatopoeia of Jochen Ebert on the acoustic guitar , which are brought by Dieter Seiferling on bass and Robert Schickle on percussion groovy advantage. Acoustic instruments provide for a transparent sound and a discreet volume. “Salon du Jazz” inspires! So come at his concerts always a wide variety of audiences , not just pronounced friends of jazz at their expense. Since his appearance at the SWR television , the quartet “Salon du Jazz” is known beyond the borders of Baden-Württemberg and beyond their CDs are heard throughout Germany. More info and CD ordering :

3:00 pm ShoutOutLoud: Action

Shout out Loud
Shout out Loud

Integration is through his stomach – Cooking with refugees and migrants – An initiative by shoutoutloud

Cook the favorite food of some participants. The Syrian cuisine is included – but not only, because we want to maintain diversity! Participants are encouraged to send favorite recipes from their homeland and to be an evening chef. The food is cooked as far as possible with food rescued .

3:30 Short film: Mohammed on the run

Mohammed auf der FluchtMohammed on the run

(In-)visible borders – set in Szene

Short film project the Academy of Film and Television (HFF ) Konrad Wolf ” (in) visible limits – set in scene “. Young refugees and filmmakers in Berlin have developed and implemented several short films. The aim was that people can broach their reality of life as a refugee through the medium of film in public spaces. In their desire to participate in social life and to bring alive and develop their own abilities and potentials , encounter young refugees in Germany ( un-) visible borders. The sets, the project contrary, opens up a collective experience space and visualize the uniqueness of personal stories. (German Human Rights Film Price 2014)

4:00 pm Growth, what now – Arte production France 2014


“More growth!” called for in times of economic, environmental and financial crises, because the US always – more – ideology is a guarantee for a healthy economy. But as time under this myth is given the worldwide shortage of resources yet? This is the question of the documentary on the ground – and points to alternatives which have already proved themselves. 5:30 pm Debate ( Rethink Your World ) TBA 7:00 The Yes Men movie – now it gets personal despite all the warnings and all the efforts the climate situation is getting worse , the man-made contaminants are larger. Are Mike and Andy’s hecklings still worth it? And are they worth sacrificing family life ? 9:30 pm film pedal the world of Felix Starck

18:30 Debate (Rethink your World)



Patrick Mijnals


Anna-Mara Schön


Nadia Doukali


Max Weber


Shai Hoffmann

Leitschuh_GLS 2013

Moderation: Heike Leitschuh

08.30 am Pedal the world

The documentary of the year: Pedal the world – A trip around the world by bike – that was Felix Starck’s dream. Untrained he drove off. His travel companions failed him, his grandfather died, he got pneumonia. 17,918 km , 365 days , 22 countries later, he has become someone else. As of October 2015.

Subject to minor changes Program for Friday Program for Saturday


Our entrance is three staggered , because we want to allow access to more people. At the same time, it is not our intention to ask about social identity cards etc. . There are rich and poor student workers. So you decide for yourself whether you’re just short of cash . The base price is the price we at least need to cover the costs. The supporters price you support those who have (and pay) less, or us.

Film (or series of short films) incl debate or Extras: 6, € Minimum price, 8 € Base Price 10 € Supporter Price
Concert: € 6 minimum price , 8 € Base Price 10 € Supporter Price
Day ticket: € 12 minimum price , 15 € basic price , 20 € Supporter Price
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