Reflecta – Rethink your World

Reflecta is a non-profit organisation that organizes festivals and events with the intention to encourage critical thinking, to support questioning and to pique curiosity about the world in its diversity and complexity. An environment-friendly and social cooperation, as well as cultural diversity, is essential to us and the network around Reflecta. Furthermore, Reflecta is publisher of the sustainable Green City Guide.

Reflecta e.V. has been awarded as a contributor to the UN decade „Education for Sustainable Development“.

“Reflecta – Rethink Your World“ is a non-profit organization, brought to Germany in 2010 by Daniela Mahr, after having been staged as a festival successfully in Spain for a couple of years. Together with like-minded people, the former student from Mainz created a touring exhibition that, by means of movies, music and talks, deals with the relationship between humanity and the environment as well as with identities – subjects that are oftentimes neglected in times of growing demands on the individual and a mechanized everyday life. Our events, which are taking place a few times a year and are mainly organized by voluntary aides, aim at raising visitors’ awareness for different perspectives.


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The work of the association, the festival, the Green City Guide plus several additional events and projects are organized on a voluntary basis. Thus we rely on donations and funding

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